The Canadian Cottage

Thank you so much for your support over the last four years!  Baking and selling Canadian treats in the UK has been a dream and a privilege.  It’s time for me to hang up my oven mitts in favour of writing a historical fiction novel that refuses to let go of my imagination.  From my first market in Little Sutton, to setting up the online store, from the tiny launch party at my house to stocking at shops and restaurants around the Wirral, from dreaming of maybe possibly someday having a banner at a Trafalgar Square Canada Day party, to being sponsored by the embassy to be a vendor at the 150th, it has been a humbling honour.  The very best thing about running this business has been the beautiful comments from Canadians who felt homesick and told me how my treats helped them to cope.

The Canadian Cottage means too much to me to shut it down completely, so I’ve decided to simply put it to bed for the time being.  I may pop up again in June with Canada Day treats, I may pop up in November to provide Christmas Canadiana.  You never know when the good news will come, but when it does, I promise to post, update, tweet and Instagram all about it.  Until then, I hope that everyone can enjoy the best things about Canada and the UK and have kind and happy lives!



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